The name is read "Project On"

It is a small streaming unit created by two people with the same goal.


As of 2023, Project O!n will be stopping all streaming activities and focus on their individual projects.

Thank you very much to everyone who supported Project O!n.

We look forward to continuing to stream to everyone on our individual channels.



Roly-Poly Artist

Ohirun often streams in the afternoon and mainly makes paper-mache dolls called 「Roly-Poly」 while drinking hand-dripped coffee in a cafe-style stream.


Artist etc..

Enocinoco is a game and art streaming Shiba dog who can usually be found streaming from the evenings until late into the night. She was the first Japanese artist to have her work chosen to become a t-shirt design for the DOTA2 International, and she has had several t-shirt designs selected since then. Her t-shirt design for the game Satisfactory came in second and her designs are being sold as well.

「enocinoco.JAPAN」 is her artist name.

Her main work focus is in creating main visuals for events and tournaments, illustration and design work, and being a crazy DOTA2 fan.

In 2021, she was also chosen to be a Super Animal Royale contents creator.

She has experience with planning and running events, overlay design, key visual design, advertising design and more. If you have any questions or requests don't be afraid to ask!

Partners and Associated Teams:

SolxS inc.
Gaming support team [Kamu-e]
Japanese girls Dota2 team [ O!☆P以下略]

- LOGO -

Project o!n's Logo Design

The unit name "o!n" comes from the letters "o-i-n" which are found in both enocinoco and ohirun's names. The "i" was flipped upside down to be a "!". Using the 七宝 (Shippo) pattern as a base, the design focuses on femininitystength, peace, people, and , most importantly, the connections between people.

The left part of the design is based on the sun, and represents Ohirun as she often streams in the afternoon. The right side represents the moon and is for enocinoco, as she often streams at night.

The "!" represents the two coming together and trying new things, and is in the center of the design as this is the center of our idea behind streaming. The "!" also represents each of our individual ideas and actions as well.

We are looking forward to meeting many more new people on our stream and creating many more "!" connections around the world.

- Theme Design -

七宝(Shippo ・ Shichipo)Pattern

Shippo means "longevity" or "long life", and represents the seven treasures, gold, silver, crystal, lapis lazuli, cloth, coral, and shako, a type of seafood. The circular patern represents it continuing eternally with no end, and means "friendship", "reconciliation", and "connection" among other things. In Japan, it very famous and considered a very good pattern.

『Bringing people together is worth as much as any treasure.』 would be a good way to summerize the meaning of the pattern.

Original Shippo Design

Both of our artwork has a strong Japanese influence, and focuses on bringing people together and making people happy. We also feel that, as the pattern suggests, brining people together in our streams is very important. The colors for this design are based on each of our image colors, and brings us together as well.

Ohirun's design features "peach, light blue, and navy blue" and
enocinoco's features "orange, red, and purple" as part of the design.


Tap the Event to see the information page.


Mofu Mofu Battle Ground 2

Presented by Project O!n. March 27th, 2021 JST 7PM Start!

Welcome to the Mofu Mofu Battleground!We have gathered a number of Twitch's most furry streamers to compete in a series of party games to gather points. The streamer with the most points will be granted the title of "Mofunisto"! This time, we have gathered 8 Mofu-players to compete for the title in 4 teams of 2! There is also a place for viewers to join as well, so be ready!

This Time's Challengers:enocinoco/ohirun/Nekogami Oden/Kamo-sama/kalon75/Toya/Fin-kun/Nakano-shaaaaaaan




Ohirun often streams in the afternoon and mainly makes paper-mache dolls called 「Roly-Poly」 while drinking hand-dripped coffee in a cafe-style stream.


I am a chill cat streamer who generaally streams my English study in the mornings and in the afternoons I mainly play Warframe.

I am a Duoling Partner and Warframe Contents Creator!



「enocinoco.JAPAN」 is my artist name. My main work focus is in creating main visuals for events and tournaments, illustration and design work, and being a crazy DOTA2 fan.


I am a rabbit streamer who loves games where I can sing and draw! My streams aren't so high quality, but I want to have a lot of fun with everyone! Please stop by join us!


Nekogami Oden

Often switching between my virtual cat and human form, I aminly stream Nintendo games! I speak Japanese and a little English!

I was also the winner of the last Mofu-Mofu Battle! (Mofunisto)


A game and art-loving slug streamer! Normally, I stream Art and FPS games!

I aim to be a streamer with an active community and many events!

Stream Connect


I am a duck streamer who can mainly be found playing FF14、DBD、APEX、VALORANT, and other games. I often give away Amazon Gift cards during events.

I work as an IT and talent company CEO!


An alien streamer with the voice of Freeza!

I play DBD, Apex Legends, and other games, as well as Just Chatting and IRL streaming.



Mofu Mofu Battle Ground

Presented by Project O!n. February 23rd, 2020 JST 8AM Start!

Welcome to the Mofu Mofu Battleground!We have gathered a number of Twitch's most furry streamers to compete in a series of party games to gather points. The streamer with the most points will be granted the title of "Mofunista"!

Come cheer on your favorite streamer!

Twitch Japan Boys 24Hリレー

24h Relay Featuring Japanese Streamer Boys

Presented by Project O!n. September 21st - September 22nd. Begins September 21st at 8 PM.


Game o!n

>Presented by Project O!n. March 26th, 27th, 29th and 30th from 9PM JST.

Ohirun plays DOTA 2 for the first time with enocinoco!DOTA 2 is a free MOBA from Valve. 2 teams of 5 players try to take down the oposing team's base.

Will enoci be a good teacher?! Who is Ohirun's first hero?! If you want to know the answers, come join us!


Twitch Japan Girls 24Hリレー

Presented by Project O!n. March 9th - March 10th. Begins March 9th at 8 PM.

Presented by Project O!n. March 9th - March 10th. Begins March 9th at 8 PM.


Fika o!n ★ Making Christmas Gift ★

Fikaとはスウェーデンではコーヒーや紅茶を飲みながらお菓子を食べるお茶会のようなことを言うそうです!今回はコーヒーや紅茶を飲みながら クリスマスグリーティングカード作りを @ohirune と @enocinico の #twitch から同時配信したいと思います。 そして、お茶やお菓子を楽しみながらまったりお絵かき、完成品はgiveawayを予定してます!

Fika is a Swedish event where everyone enjoys coffee or tea and sweets and takes a moment to relax!This time, @ohirun and @enocinico will fika together while making Christmas cards on stream! We will also plan to draw and give-away the finished art and cards.

Come Fika with us! お楽しみに(⁰▿⁰)

- Past Relays -

- Twitch Japan Girls 24h Relay -

Time Schedule

March 9th - 10th, 2019

March 9th JST 8:00 PM


DOTA2 enoci Chaos Rally BETA-3
Streaming Genre: DOTA2

【We will run our "Single Draft or All-Random Chaos Random Quest Challenge" ! It is a solo-queue tournament where teams are randomly shuffled and you win by completing quests and getting points. Only one player can win each match!

Support Gaming team Kamu-e original DOTA2 tournament.

March 9th JST 11:00 PM


Streaming Genre: Art

I am going to draw each of the 8 girls who are part of the "24-hour Relay "! The number 8 has a lot of happy meanings, so I will do my best to make the picture happy as well! The final picture will be a wallpaper for everyone to use!

March 10th JST 2:00 AM


Takoyaki & Game
Streaming Genre: Just chatting

We will have a family takoyaki party while playing dance and retro games. Come join us for a relaxed 3-hour stream!

March 10th JST 5:00 AM


SFV BALROG (Claw) Silver rank Challenge
Streaming Genre: Street Fighter V

With only 4 months of fighting game experience, I will be aiming for Silver-Tier with Balrog! I just made Ultra-Bronze, so join me to find out if I can get 500LP in 3 hours!

March 10th JST 8:00 AM


COD:BO4 - This Nice Body is Like the Flower that Blooms on the Battlefield
Streaming Genre: Game

I do creative streams as well, but I will be doing a game stream this time! I will start with my long-time favorite Call of Duty, then move to Black Ops 4 on the PS4. For all of you who have been waiting for some BO4, come and join!

March 10th JST 11:00 AM

(RAD) japanglish

visiting a glassblowing studio
Streaming Genre: Just Chatting

This will be a special version of my normal Weekend Walking stream! I will be heading to a glass-blowing shop to try out making some glass products!

March 10th JST 2:00 PM

(Project o!n) おひるん

Handmade Roly-Poly Workshop
Streaming Genre: Makers & Crafting

I will be putting on a live workshop to teach everyone how to make their own roly-poly figurine!

Come try your hand at making your very own roly-poly with us!

March 10th JST 5:00 PM

(RAD) urinyan

Streaming Genre: Just Chatting

I will be making my original characters "U-nyan "and "Ri-nyan" out of felt while chatting with everyone!

March 10th JST 7:00 PM


(ohirun x enocinoco)

- Twitch Japan Boys 24h Relay -

Time Schedule

September 21st - 22nd, 2019

September 21st JST 8:00 PM


(ohirun x enocinoco)
Opening Ceremony
Stream Genre: Just Chatting

Opening Ceremony, explaination fo the event, and more!

Come join us and enjoy the start of the 24h Stream!

September 21st JST 9:00 PM

(RAD) Mimicchi

This is the Story of a Boy Who Loves Radio-Controlled Cars
Stream Genre: Makers & Crafting followed by Just Chatting

I will explain the good/interesting points about radio-controlled cars while building one from scratch.

September 22nd JST 12:00 AM


700 Follower Event「Battle to Decide the Strongest Killer」
Stream Genre: Dead by Daylight

To celebrate 700人 Followers, we will have a 8 person private match to decide the strongest Killer.

The rules are the Hunter that gets the highest result point tally versus Toya's Survivor Group is the winner. The winner will receive a great prize, so be sure to come!

September 22nd JST 3:00 AM


Rockman (Megaman) Madness
Stream Genre: Rockman 2 (Megaman 2)

I am going to try to clear Nintendo's「Rockman 2」. However, every time I lose a life, I will draw a card from my home-made "Madness Card" deck which will give me a penalty for the next retry of that stage. These penalties will reset at the end of each stage.

※「Madness Cards」="No English Words Allowed" or "Every time you jump, say "Ahaha"" or other similar penalty cards.

September 22nd JST 6:00 AM


Aim for 1000 Kills With My Listeners
Steam Genre: Splatoon2

I will play a 4-man Squad League Match with my Listeners. Each time we will change players. Over the course of 4 hours, we will add up everyone's kills and aim for 1000 kills total!

September 22nd JST 9:00 AM


I Won't Run Away Even If I Cry! - "Layers of Fear"
Stream Genre: I won't cry! "Layers of Fear"

First time playing "Layers of Fear". How far can I go without crying?!

I hate horror games. I will try to do my best to play "Layers of Fear" while trying to keep myself calm.

(Viewer's can send sound alerts while I play to try to scare me!)

September 22nd JST 12:00 PM


DOTA2 enoci Chaos Rally Ruijiji Cup
Stream Genre:DOTA2

【Single Draft・Chaos Random Quest Point Challenge】

We will shuffle teams for the solo match. Even if you lose the match you might win the game?! Only one player can win!

I will borrow Support Gaming team Kamu-e 's original DOTA2 Tournament idea and run and stream the tournament with team Kamu-e's help.(team Kamu-e gave permission already!) The plan is to use this tournament as a starting point for a large-sized Japanese tournament. We will announce more details during the stream!

Anyone from beginners to advanced players are welcome. We will shuffle the teams and have a good time playing some crazy DOTA!

Sign Up Here

September 22nd JST 3:00 PM


Charismatic Teacher Pop's Dragon Quest RTA Boss Fight Course~ RTA isn't a Game. It is Art~
Stream Genre:Speed Run

I want to share why I enjoy 【Dragon Quest Ⅰ・Ⅱ・Ⅲ(SFC)】 RTA so much and explain how to do a proper speed run in DQ.

September 22nd JST 6:00 PM


(ohirun x enocinoco)
Closing Ceremony
Stream Genre: Just Chatting

Thank you for joining us for this event! We will close the event out with some more interviews and a review of the stream.


Our Supporters

A special "Thank you!" to everyone for supporting Project o!n.. We couldn't do it without you!